For over fifteen years, FEE Italia (Foundation for Environmental Education) has awarded Darsena Le Saline with the prestigious recognition of the Blue Flag of the tourist landings.

The important recognition of the year in which it is renewed thanks to a constant policy of environmental protection and respect for the architectural and landscape specificities of the territory, as well as the health and safety of the users of the marina.

Every year, Sporting Club Marina di Chioggia srl, a company that has always managed the port, uses resources to maintain its facilities, in compliance with the most stringent safety and environmental protection regulations: hence the modern wastewater treatment plants and those coming from the work of the shipyard. This commitment, added to the continuous updating of infrastructures for greater energy efficiency, translates into a significant improvement in customer service.

In addition, the marina promotes every year activities aimed at sensitizing users to the fragility of the lagoon and marine environment: in 2016 an intense program of collaboration was started with the LIPU Natural Reserve of Cà Roman, with the collection of contributions to support of the Reserve itself, through the printing of a dedicated calendar, the organization of a public report and some free guided tours from the marina to the Reserve. During 2017, particular attention was paid to the protection of the biological and natural heritage of the Marine Park Le Tegnùe. Darsena Le Saline, with the printing and distribution of the 2018 calendar, has contributed to the support and visibility of the Association that for years has been responsible for the protection of the site, in particular against the nautical users: a concrete action to raise awareness who “lives” the sea on the fragility of its ecosystem and on the impact of human behavior.

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